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Frequently Asked Questions

What can an art advisor do for me? 

With over twenty years’ experience in the art industry and our worldwide contacts, we provide in depth knowledge to our clients for growing and and managing their art collections. Our clients rely on us to negotiate their art purchases and sales to obtain the best value for them.

What is an art appraisal report? 

Our art appraisals are written documents that determine the value of an artwork or art collection for purposes including estate tax and establishing a cost for long term capital gains, as well as insurance, gifts and donations of art.  

Do you appraise painting, sculptures, photographs and prints? 

Yes, we appraise all types of media, our area of expertise is 20th century and contemporary art. We research and evaluate the market for every art piece in the collection.   

Why are there different values for the same artwork?

Different values are used depending on the objective for your appraisal. You may need an appraisal to update your insurance premium or if you are filing an insurance claim on a damaged artwork. If you plan to donate an artwork to a charity, give one to a relative or bequeath it as part of your estate planning, you may need an appraisal report. As IRS Qualified Appraisers we provide USPAP compliant reports for charitable donations, gift tax or for estate tax and other Federal functions. The report will detail the artwork/s being valued and detail the procedure and sources used to determine the value. 

How much does an art appraisal cost? 

Each appraisal report is based on the appraisal objective and our time to document, photograph, research values and write the report. After the initial consultation we will provide a free quote based on the needs of your appraisal. An appraisal is not based on the value of the artwork being appraised.  

How frequently should my appraisal be updated for insurance? 

Following the first appraisal, we recommend to update your appraisal every 3 - 5 years.  

If your question hasn't been answered above please inquire directly via our contact page.


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